Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've had the chance to talk to Alex a few times this week, and he's having a wonderful time in Crete. It sounds like a really beautiful place with striking craggy landscapes. There's been lots of hot hiking, made more difficult by an absent minded professor leader who seems to forget that people need to eat breakfast before heading out.

Today's pictures come from the Propylaea. From my brief google research, I can tell you that the Propylaea is the gateway leading into the Acropolis (in Athens). Here's some more information:

The Propylaea, located at the west end of the hill, is a roofed entrance structure into the sacred precincts of the Acropolis. It was designed by the renown architect Mnesicles, and constructed between the years 437 BC and 432 BC. However, the construction was ended during the Peloponessian wars, and the building never reached completion for unknown reasons. The Propylaea which can still be seen today were built during the age of Pericles, and were supposed to replace an earlier one built under the administration of Pissistratus in 530 BC. (The Acropolis of Athens)

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