Sunday, June 15, 2008

An Odyssey to Greece

The most frustrating thing about having your flight delayed by 5 hours is that, inevitabley, the delay is never given all at once. It gets progressively lengthened by 15 or 20 minute increments so that you don't want to leave the gate and merely sit in the waiting area in impatient anticipation.

A door to the plane is broken.
They try to fix it.
Can't fix it.
We switch planes.
They prep the new plane.
The meals they had provided "timed out": they have to give us new meals.
Intense lightning keeps us from taxiing out.
Long wait for our turn to take off.
I tell myself again I don't want to fly US Airways and go through Philadelphia. (Again refers to the fiasco of Christmas 2004 which Emily and I were stuck in the middle of).


film student said...

Just thought that you should know that while you were suffering in an airline seat, we were eating a very fine plum tart and some excellent chicken. I am sure the meal that you had to wait fro twice was just as good...

all dark jokes aside, you are already missed.

good luck.


Dave Paladino said...

ah yes, it's those kinds of experiences that makes one wonder whether airlines acually think of us as humans or just "ballast" for their planes...

6 weeks in greece sounds incredible, i'll try to stay up on your blog,